Monday, February 16, 2015


20 Months!!!!

Hola hola hola!!

Another one down really quick ha.  Time is flying.  We had a zone activity today and went to the man made river in down town monterrey, it is really pretty and we had a good time. after we ate at a buffet and cleaned the place out.  The restaurant had worldly music on though and I realized for the first time in a long time that there is a real world outside ha.  I have been living in a bubble and I like it.

Josue and Keren got married on friday and Josue is getting baptized on sunday!!  Finally all the hard work and prayers are going to pay off for them.  They really have overcome lots of trials and problems to get to this point, and sunday will be a welcome relief.

Marla is also doing well. We also got her mom to accept baptism, but she said she will never pay tithing or stop drinking coffee......we still haven't taught the doctine there yet, so I am not scared.

Our zone is on fire, have one of the best changes of all time.  We are seeing the lords hand in every aspect of the work and the more we follow the spirit the more of it we see.

Love you all!


Elder Jacobsen

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