Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Going for it

Hola hola hola!!

Well the first week of a new change has come and gone.  Elder Wells was changed and I am staying here in Nogal for a 4th change!  My new companion is Elder Perez from el estado de mexico.  He is a super animated elder and we are going to have a great change together!  The ward is looking good and so is the zone, the weather has been nice and I love being a missionary, so there isnt much to complain about.

This week we are still teaching Josue and Keran. They should have all
 their marriage papers done by friday, so we have put the baptism goal for the 15th with josue.  He is doing really well and even came with us to a service project!  WE had another cool experience finding this week.  We were walking in the street and I got the feeling to go look for a part member family.  The mom has been to church a couple of times but never got baptized. We talked to her about it and she decided to be baptized on the 8th!

The zone is looking really good right now. We fast together on Sunday and have already seen lots of blessings frome the lord!  THe work is moving on, and we have lots to do in a little time, but we are going for it.

love you guys!


Elder Jacobsen

Friday, January 23, 2015



Hola hola hola!!

Another change has come and gone.  Today we are getting changes in the night time and most likely Elder Wells and I will be splitting.  It is too bad, we have really gotten to be good friends and have worked our butts off. THere are not many Elders that are willing to work as hard as he is.  But change always brings more opportunities to grow and be more like the savior, so I am excited.

We had the baptism of Reyna this week!  It was a good service and she said after that she felt like crying because she was so happy.  The power of the spirit was in the service, and we have seen that it has changed her life in a very short time.  The best part is that her family still hasn't listened t us, so there are a lot more souls that could be prepared in her family....we are going to go get them :)

Josue and Keran are doing good as well...this week they should be getting married, and the baptism should be next week.  Once again the book of mormon is doing work in the conversion of a family. They have been able to relate to all the things that are said and taught.

I had a good study this week reading 2 nefi and I got stuck on one verse for about and hour.  chapter 32 verse 4. It talks about how we dont understand the things of the spirit only because we dont ask or look. If we are willing to do it, the lord will be on the other side. I know that to be true.

Thanks for the Love!


Elder Jacobsen

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


19 Months!!

Hola hola hola!!!

We are flying through january right now!  Not much new this week
though...  We are still working hard to find investigators and to help
those that have been baptized progress towards the temple.

We had a little bit of a miracle this week with a new that we found.
Her name is Reyna.  We really needed to find someone that had to been
to church before so that we could baptize them this change.  We looked
through the records and found her name.  She is the novia of a member
that doesn't go much, and she had been a couple of time this year to
church. We went to visit them and ever since she has been super
excited to learn and gain a testimony.  The best lesson was definitely
chasisty haha...I dont know if you guys have seen The District when
the Elders teach German...but that was just a piece of what we got
haha.  But ya here baptism is on saturday!!

Well thats all that is new this week...have a good one! Love you guys!


Elder Jacobsen

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Time to get rolling
Hola hola hola!!

Its pretty cold right now.  Have you guys ever been able to see your
breath in the shower?  Because that is what we deal with every morning
ha.  But we got nice and warm today with a soccer game in the
morning...we have turned it into a pday tradition and we are getting
pretty good.

This has been challenging change for both us and our zone.  It seems
that in this time of the year most have been focused on themselves and
how to make themselves happy for a few moments.  We are working hard
to get the news coming out and to have some baptisms.

Carlitos is a little scared of his baptism still and we have to change
his date.  We found a cool new family this week.  THe mom is a member
that was baptized in the US like 15 years ago.  Her husbands name is
josue and he wants to get baptized, the only problem is that they are
not married....its a real big problem ha...we will see how that goes.

Love you all!!

Elder Jacobsen


New Year
Hola hola hola!!

Well hope that christmas went well and that newyears will be even
better.  It was nice to talk on christmas and I hope that I wasn't too
boring.  I just can't think of anything to talk about ever. The
electric blankets are the greatest gift of all time though!! WE sleep
so well now and everyone is going to want divisions in our area just
to use them haha.

We have been having a rough change finding the prepared people.  We
are working harder than ever and finding lots of news every week, but
they are people that still aren't prepared.  WE are seeing better work
out of the ward though.

New year and I am so ready to make it better that the last.

Love you all!

Elder Jacobsen


Feliz Navidad!!
Hola hola hola!!

Its hot here today.  I wish the weather would just choose to be hot or
cold, I do not like the daily changes, but its all good.  We have had
a week full of christmas cheer so far and our busy spreading the good
tidings with all.  Thank you so much for the packages....we were
stunned when we got them haha!!  I am still the most loved missionary.
And thanks to the Walks as well...that tie is awesome!

I need to give a thanks to the eaglewood ward bishopbric for all the
snack and strolls that they did.  I dont know why it took me this long
in my mission to remember those good days, but it finally hit me that
that would be perfect here.  We told the bishop about it and he loved
it and jumped right on board.  We made a bunch of cupcakes and hot
choclate and took it to a couple of the busy parts of our area.  We
had probably like 30 members that came and helped us give it out and
invite people to church.  The support was awesome!!! Afterwards we
went back to the church and had a testimony meeting....the members
felt something that a lot of them never had felt before...the
christmas (missionary) spirit!  We hope to have a great week with the
new people we found to teach.

We are teaching a little nine year old right now from a recently
activated family.  His name is Carlitos and he is difficult. He was
scared to stay by himself in primary, but this week we finally got him
to do it. He is on date for the 6th on enero!

Well I hope you guys are having an awesome christmas time and are
sharing the Dádiva with everyone!  I will probably be calling around
12:00 on the 25th!

Elder Jacobsen


18 Months!!
Hola hola hola!!!

Ya can't believe it, but 18 months have already flown by.  We are
excited to be starting another change here in Valle Verde and ready to
Nogal into zion.  The weather here is crazy as ever, we are in the 80s
today, but were in the 50s to start the week. Monterrey likes to keep
us on our toes.

This week we got to speak in the Stake Confernece Elder Wells and I.
We spoke about what a lider misional needs to do to be able to have
success in his ward.  It was fun to prepare for the talk as we asked
other missionaries what their liders did that helped them have
success.  We came to the conclusion that the most important thing is
just self initiative.  It seems like it is that with all callings.  If
we take the initiative to try something the lord is either going to
tell us that it is right or wrong, and we will be able to follow the
spirit.  But if we sit back and relax we become siervos inutiles.

We have a lot of work to do here in Nogal.  We had a great week of
hard work, but we dont hav ethe investigators to show for it.  The
lord is giving us another challenge so that we can grow and help more
people.  Next week pday is going to be on tuesday for our christmas
party in the mission.

Love you all!! Merry Christmas!

Elder Jacobsen


New Change
Hola hola hola!!

Well December is in full swing here.  I think the people are really
excited for christmas this year, which is great for us because we are
loving sharing the christmas message!  We had changes today. Elder
Wells and I are staying here in Nogal for one change more and I
couldn't be happier, we are going to have the best change of our

This week we had the confirmation of Wendy and David.  This family is
really something special.  When you enter their house now you can
really feel a difference from when we first met them.  They have put
into practice the gospel and you can see and feel the changes. We are
excited to see how they continue to grow and share the gospel with
those they know and love.  We are praying that the divorce and
marriage papers go fast so that Nestor can get baptized this change.

The weather here is pretty gloomy ha.  We are in clouds most of the
day and there is a slight drizzle basically the whole day, but we
could not be happier with what the lord has given us.  All we can do
is try to be better so that we accomplish what he has planned.

Sorry no pics this week...love you guys!

Elder Jacobsen


Bring on Diciembre
Hola hola hola!!

Hope it was a great turkey day!  We had a nice cena of campechanas to celebrate the holiday.  There are some people here that try to celebreate it ha, but they don't know how.  It has been a good week. WE are in the 70s everyday right now, so there isn't much complaining to do.  We have been working hard to teach people about the navidad and get people ready for the spirit of christ.

Best part about the week was for sure the baptism of Wendy and David. It was on sunday night and it was a seriously spiritual experience. The boiler at the chapel broke though, so the water was freezing, their faces were prieceless as they came out of the water haha.  But we had their family participate in the program and you can already
tell the change that the gospel has made in their family.  We are still waiting on the diviorce papers of their parents so that the dad can get baptized.  But they are already active in the ward ha, they came on friday night to help clean the chapel!

It is a great time to be a missionary. We are spreading the Christmas cheer and looking for the people that the lord has prepared us to teach.  Love you all!!

Elder Jacobsen


Happy Thanksgiving!!
Hola hola hola!!

It's turkey day tomorrow!  Well not down here, we will probably stick with the rice and beans and tortillas...but it all goes to the same place, so no complaints.  We have had a full 10 days of work since the last email.  Elder Wells is a champ, he doesn't quit and together we have been able to put together the best change of our missions!

We have two baptisms this week with the Escareño Hernandez family.  We are going to baptize their two oldest kids.  Wendy is 12 and is loving YW and the book of mormon.  David is 11 and is now well known in the primary for his knowledge of the first three chapters of the book of
mormon ha.  They have been a great family to teach and I can't wait for sunday!

We had a cool experience with family history.  We contacted a lady
outside her house that wasn't really interested in anything we said,
so as a last resort I pulled out a My Family folleto.  Her face lit
up.  She started to tell us how her grandparents were from japan and
how she had a bunch of info on them but she had never written it down.
She showed up to the chapel the next day to get to work on the
computer.  We were also able to teach her the plan of salvation. She
is seeing some opposition from her husband, but nothing the spirit
can't change!

Have you heard about the "He is the Gift" stuff?  Apparently it is
supposed to be really big.  They have given us a bunch of pass along
cards and stuff to start passing out. TIme to start teaching about

Love you!

a campechana that almost killed me, and a bus of missionaries!

Elder Jacobsen