Wednesday, February 25, 2015



Hola hola hola!

Well the cold has come back this week.  We were able to emjoy some sunshine for basically the whole week, but today it is rainy and cold. That hasn't stopped our work here though, things are going really well!

We had the baptism of Josue yesterday.  He is a really changed man, and even stuck with it after the missionary who interviewed him told him he failed the interview because of a miscommunication.  But we called President and got it all sorted out and he was baptized!  He even stood up infront of the whole chapel and bore his testimony before the baptism....the gospel does great things.

We have two on date for this sunday.  Marla and Esau.  Marle is doing really well, but her family is not.  We taught them the Word of Wisdom and her mom was strictly opposed...because coffe doesnt wake her up, it puts her to sleep haha.  Esau is the kid of the Family Escareño Hernandez that we baptized a while back. He is turning 8, but technically his parents still arent members even thought they have been to church for 3 months straight hahah. So ya that is a tender mercy.

All is well, all is well

Elder Jacobsen

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