Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Buzzer Beater

Hola hola hola!!

Another change one was fast.  The good thing is that it was the best change for a zone in the history of president swapp! It wasn't without its difficulties, and it went right down to the end, be as zona valle verde we did it!  And it is starting to smell like orange ya...things are good.

We had the confirmation and ordination of Josue this week and the baptism of Esau.  We had a recent convert do it..Salvador...he was baptized in november and it was awesome to watch him take part.  It did take 5 attemps, but in the end it was successful haha.

So on saturday night at 8:30 I found myself on emergency divisions about an hour busride from my area trying to get one last baptismal interview in.  The problem was that the person wasn't home from work. WE had been by his house about 3 times but we wasnt home yet. So I told my companion we were going back to his house to say a prayer than we would go look for him. The lord answered fast because we passed by after and there he was.  Now we got to the real game, he said he wasn't ready and wanted to wait.  So we started asking questions and following the spirit to find out what was up.. after like 15 minutes of intense searching he bowed his head and said...lets do it.  Woooo!! I almost screamed haha....we had the first buzzer beater of march madness!  I left the house super pumped ha...almost like winning a big game....but better

Love you!

Elder Jacobsen

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