Tuesday, March 17, 2015


                21 Months!!

Hola hola hola!!

One word to describe this week...well three....rain and mud.  Yep we made it through an entire week of straight rain, which means the streets turn to mud and the bikes get even more interesting.  The back of all my shirts have a nice line of brown where the tire throws up the muddy water ha.... and I bet Marc Ecco didnt know his shoes also make great brakes, but he has it going on.

It was also a challenging week as far as the work goes.  Our baptism fell on us on sunday morning, and those who were committed did not come because of the rain. However we can see the the lord is building us up and we will be able to see miracles before this change is over. Elder Barrera and I are working hard and I know that the lord has special blessings waiting for us.

Love you all!


Elder Jacobsen

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