Monday, March 9, 2015


Round 2

Hola hola hola!!

Well my whole world has been thrown for a will never be able to guess what happened with changes......I am with Elder Barrera agian!! Yep haha I am on round two with another comp, this one is a lot different though because we are best friends.  My new area is also the farthest in the mission, a little pueblito called linares!!  There are cows and goats roaming the streets and we are on bikes..the first time in my entire mission!  I really could not be happier, this is a dream change!

This first week has been something butt hurts real bad, and my clothes are super muddy, but my smile is huge.  We have been able to work really hard this week and clear up a lot of errors that the missionaries had in this zone the last couple of changes.  We have been talking to everyone and actually have a baptism on sunday!  It is also my first time in a branch so I got a kick out of the services on sunday....especially the guy that took off his boots and started cutting his toenails.

The Lords work is moving strong, and the the work in Linares just got a little bit more fuel!


Elder Jacobsen

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