Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Happy Days

Hola hola hola!!!

I hope you guys arent sick about hearing about the rain...because that is all that it has done here for 3 weeks. Today the sun is out in full force, but it has been a while.  The worst part is that my bike splashes mud on my butt the whole day so now my garments look like I have had some bad accidents haha.  However the work is great and the lords love is in full bloom!

We had the baptism of Jordan this week. It was a special experience for him and his entire family....it was also my first baptism in a branch...and lets just say that the organization was a little below par.  That has probably been my biggest challenge so far this change. Everyone here has a very laid back attitude and there is a mysterious "no one" that walks around.  Meaning if something bad happens whos fault was it? "no ones"  If we need a volunteer to come on visits or to clean the chapel he shows up again "no one" haha.  But we are working through it and seeing progress.

Tomorrow we have zone conference and elder barrera and I have be preparing all week. We are going to talk about "good, better, and best" and compare it to being a succesful missionary. Wish us luck!

Oh and Linares is the orange capital of Mexico.....the blossoms are in full bloom!


Elder Jacobsen

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