Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Spring Cleaning
Hola hola hola!!!

Whoo it is hot!! Really hot!  I love the sun down here, and I could not be happier.  We had a good week, with a new family in church, a zone conference and lots of miles on the bici.

Zone conference went really well, we had a nice spirit and the missionaries left motivated to give one degree more.  President put us in charge of his hotel room here in linares, but all the hotels were booked with a convention of a big company, so we searched and searched to get him a room somewhere.  We finally found a little hotel in the city center, but we werent able to see the room before he got there......lets just say he wont be going back hahahaha

We have a new family in teaching. The family caseras!  They were a contact we did at 8:59 last sunday night when we could have just called it a night.  Instead we contacted the dad and he let us in.  We shared a 10 min lesson and committed them all to baptism.   THey are progressing really well and came to church this week!

All is well down here.  Get ready to listen to a profets voice!

Elder Jacobsen

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