Friday, December 12, 2014


We tried some bugs this week
I'm counting pesos. 
Hola hola hola!

Bet you guys weren't expecting to hear from me today ha, but I hope that you are glad either way.  We were doing divisions yesterday when I got a call from President Swapp.  And getting a call from the president is kind of like getting a call from Grandma Dunn ha, you instantly start racking your brains to see if there is something you have done wrong, or if you have forgotten something ha.  But he called and told me that he had a new assignment for me......I'm the new Secreterio de Finaciero! So I'll be working in the offices for the next 6 months most likely.  I'm not to sure how the whole thing works, but I'm super excited about keeping track of everyone´s pesos.  Mostly just because the offices have an air conditioner ha.  I was a little disappointed because I thought I was finally going to end my training and be a real missionary, but now I'm just an office missionary ;)

Our campechana stand
Eduardo is still progressing! We had a pretty fun week with him, he is super funny to teach.  He says that he has received a witness of the book of mormon and of joseph smith, but that he doesn't feel like he needs baptism.  We asked him how he got the answers to his other questions and he told us that it was through prayer.  We were like, "well there you go! have you prayed?" He kind of slumped, and was like nooo....I will do that tonight! So I am super excited about him, but I wont get to see his progress because I got changed :(  We also taught him the word of wisdom, because we knew that he drunk a little.  We committed him to live it and he was like, "yeaahh that is what I have been trying to do since you started teaching me!!" So he has been living the word of wisdom since before we taught it! The biggest roadblock is his inactive family.  They never come to church so he doesn't really see the importance.  It's sad to see that.

Well that is all that I have for you guys this week.  I feel like my letters are getting worse and worse...I hope that you still like them!!

Love, Elder Jacobsen

oh and pday will be friday or saturday now!
me and elder brown

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