Friday, December 12, 2014


Where is everyone??
Hola hola hola!!

Alright so I guess it was just "don't write elder jacobsen week" ha?  It looks like Eden and Leah are the only ones who care about me ;) It's alright I got your package from Brother Hale and loved all of it! Thanks so much for all the food and thoughts ha.  The cookies are almost gone, and I have already used the new umbrella!  I don't know how much Brother Hale told you about his trip, but I'll try to explain it all.

So he told us to meet him outisde the mayors office on thursday.  So we got there and saw this big official looking group of americans and were a little scared to go and talk to them, because they looked so professional ha, but Brother Hale saw us and gave me a big hug like always.  It was so weird to see him at first!  Then he said that they hadn't had their meeting with the mayor yet, so we would probably just wait outside until they were done.  But you know how Brother Hale does things ha, next thing we knew we were in the Mayors office sitting around this big boardroom table!  We felt so out of place haha, and we are usually the best dressed and best smelling people in a room, but here we could tell how bad we smelt haha.  And everyone had their ipads out and were talking, so we decided to pull out our books of mormon and just set them on the table.  Then one of the mayors assistants got up and came down to start asking us about it.  We were able to teach her all about it, and committed her to read it! It felt so cool  ha.  But we were waiting in that room for the mayor for about 30 minutes.  And she finally came in and basically it was just small talk and her telling us how great the church was.  Then at the end brother hale introduced us and asked if we could get a picture.  Then on the way out I grabbed her and said that we would like to give her a book of mormon.  We started explaining it and teaching her right there.  It was so cool! She opened it up and started reading too, she turned straight to alma 34:37 and just started nodding her head and was like, "this is really true". So ya now the mayor has a book of mormon thanks to Elder Jacobsen and Elder Leishman...and Brother Hale of course :)  Then we went out to eat and got shakes at johnny rockets haha.  It was such a fun 5 hours!

Other stuff that happened...we sang in the ward choir for ward conference was bad to say the least.  The stake president commented that while the tune wasn't there, the spirit was haha.  BUt it was still fun!

The pictures are the before and after of our food storage ha.  Then one of our new investigators that is repping his Reams grocery store shirt..not sure how he got a hold of that haha.  I will send the one with the mayor in another email

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