Friday, December 12, 2014


Mission Mode

Hey everyone!
Its been a packed week, so I hope that I can give some what of a good summary.  First off, thanks so much for all the packages!! The cookies were awesome, my district ate all of them.  And thanks for the chips and salsa smiths! they were gone in like five seconds haha. I'll send some pictures of all that. I was a little disappointed there was no picture pack this week ha.
K so I got my visa this week! There had been some elders going to mexico that had to get reassigned, so i was a little nervous, but they called me down to the travel office and I got to go to salt lake! The consulate was down on 1300 south right by the Bee's stadium, and by Challenger School.  I was a little nervous that I might see one of the Nelsons at school haha, or Dad at lunch or something, but it was all good.  The MTC drove us down there, but we got to ride frontrunner back.  I was with nine other elders, so it was a lot of fun.  We also faced our first persecution haha.  As we were walking to frontrunner from the consulate we got flipped off twice.  One time the guy yelled "mormons suck" and the other yelled "hail satan"  We were kind of in shock ha, but we were excited to experience our first negative interactions haha.  It was weird being out of The MTC. I had forgotten that there are real people in the world ha.
A funny story from class this week.  We were playing a game called crack the code, where you had to knock on the door and pretend you were trying to get in a house.  It was Elder Wilhelmsen's turn, and he started to testify about God.  He said, "Dios es una Mujer" (god is a woman) he meant to say, "dios es el mejor" (God is the best) it was so funny hahaha.  the game had to stop because even our teacher was cracking up! It was kind of a tender moment for me, because those were the first tears i shed on my mission, tears of laughter haha.  Elder Del Toro also got mixed up when he said, "yo trabajo para las computadoras" or i work on behalf of the computers haha.  oh man spanish is a great language.
We had a great fireside this tuesday.  It's kind of hard to remember firesides from tuesday ha, because i dont get to email until the next monday, but i'll try my best!  It was Brother Richardson from the sunday school presidency.  He taught us about being REAL missionaries.  That we are looked up to by all the members of the church, and that we need to be examples.  He used the quote from David O McKay, "we'er thou art, act well thy part." It was a really powerful meeting. It helped me set some new goals to become the best missionary i can be! We also learned this week to be bold.  That boldness is not being loud, it is being sincere.  And that we have the ability to be bold because we have Jesus backing us up.  That doesnt just apply to missionaries, it applies to all of us in the church! We have learned so much about how so many doors are going to be opened to us because of the changes to missionary work.  I can't wait to be bold with the people of Mexico, and to teach and work my hardest.
We also got to have a devotional on the 4th! it was a really cool one because they talked all about how our founding fathers were inspired by God, and as a history buff I really loved it ha.  Then we got to watch the stadium of fire after.  Yes, I watched the byu fireworks ha.  And let me say i was very glad to find out that they didnt even compare to Eaglewood's :) The whole time I just wanted to go back to the residence so that I could pray and go to sleep.  I guess you can say that I am just in missionary mode.
I hope you are all doing great! I am definitely the most loved missionary here, lets keep it that way! :)
Elder Jacobsen
Oh and Elder Brown is on the west campus, so i havent seen him. I saw sister brown last night, and it looked like she was doing great!

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