Friday, December 12, 2014


The power went out one day.
Shoulder to the Wheel
Hola hola hola!

Not quite sure what to say in this email.  Not a lot of exciting things this week.  We are still working hard with the ward, we had ward council for the first time this week which was good.  I almost ruined it though ha, because the 2nd consejero came in a little late and sat by me.  He pulled out his phone and showed me the score from the utes game.  I about jumped out of my seat and then sat there with a huge smile on my face for the rest of the meeting ha.  It's weird i'm all the way down here in mexico and byu fans still try to give me crap ha.

We did have a cool experience with a reference this week named Felipe.  We received a text saying that there was a young man that had been reading the book of mormon in our area.  So we immedieately went to find the address.  It was at the top of the mountain, we were like walking through rainforests to get there.  When we got there and knocked on the door (plywood nailed together) a woman came to the door.  We started talking to her and she said that she knew Felipe so I asked if she was his mom ha, turns out that she was his wife.  So turns out that our reference information was a little off, but after apologizing and laughing a little bit we went into their house to teach.  Felipe and Luz and their two little boys are awesome.  He had been reading the book of mormon for about a week so we started to talk about what his thoughts were.  His first question was "where is the chapel?" they already wanted to go to church! So they came this week and had a really good experience.  We have lessons planned with them for throughout this week and hopefully it will turn into something really special.  
I thought mom came to visit haha

We have been carrying a lot more book of mormons with us this week.  We set a goal to have at least five in our backpack and at least one in our hand.  We have been using it to teach and contact people.  What an awesome experience! The best thing is to testify to people of its truthfulness.  They have never seen it before, but you can see in their eyes that they know it is a special book.  I love the book of mormon! Every word and story in it just hits me right in my heart ha.  My testimony has grown so much. 

Well sorry it was short!

con amor
Elder Jacobsen

So the picture with the ipad case is from walmart, and the advertisement on the box is from the utah vs texas a&m game from 2004! I walked past it on saturday because we went to buy a present for a menos activo and I knew what it was right away! i just started freaking out ha! How does that get to mexico?? 

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