Friday, December 12, 2014


Hola hola hola

Missonary work is work. A lot of work.  There are so many people here that need the gospel in their lives, but satan has a grip on a lt of their hearts.  Not a lot has progressed this week with our investigators, but we have still been out in the streets contacting everyone we can to get new ones.  We have also been spending a lot of time trying to get the inactivos and menos activos to come to church.  It always amazes me the excuses they come up with. I don't see how some of the things should stop them from coming to church.  It is hard to help them see that they aren't just hurting the ward by not showing up, they are hurting their eternal salvation.  

This week I have learned that a little more.  Missionary work is about saving peoples souls for eternity.  It is hard to explain to people that that is the level we are talking about, but when you really love the people, you try to do everything you can to help them feel that.  It's amazing how at night I can feel love for my investigators to the point that it hurts when they don't follow commitments.  I pray with all my heart for them, because I know that they need what we can give them.  The best feeling is when you can see the spirit touch someones heart or home for the first time.  The trick is keeping it their after you leave ha.

It is really great to feel the love of the members here as well.  We have a family that lives a street away from our house, The Cabreras.  They have been so awesome to us since we gave them a family night and gained their trust.  Whenever we pass by on our way home at night they invite us in for a drink or a quick snack.  But thats not even the cool part.  The cool part is that you can really feel a difference when you enter their house, and I know that that difference is the spirit.  They are a family that has kept their covenants and has a spirit of love in their home.  It hit me last night when we were eating there that it felt like my house and my friends houses in utah.  And It was because they followed the teaching of Jesus Christ.  

Sorry this email was a little random and hard to follow, but it's all I could come up with haha.

The pictures are from the Centro.  We got to go there today for pday!

Elder Jacobsen

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