Friday, December 12, 2014


La Paloma
Hola hola hola!!

I officially made it through my first holiday in the mission ha.  And it was definitely something else! The streets of independencia were even scarier than usualy.  We saw more police and heard more sirens than ever before in my life.  We even saw a crime scene being investigated, they were taking photos and fingerprinting and everything.  But nothing was even as close to as scary as costumes that the women decided to wear...or not wear ha...let's just say that I have a new profound respect for modesty! We had to go back early because it was so bad haha.

Aside from Halloween it has been a very good and productive week!! Right now we have three progressing investigators that have all accepted the baptismal invitation, and we are just waiting on them to fill out the paper and get it done.  Right now we have Sergio, Giraldo, and Adriana.  We found them all by direct inspiration, it is so cool to be able to see the hand of God guide you to where you should be and when you should be there.  Sergio is the only one who has been to church, because we only met the other two this week, so Sergio is the only one who can be baptized by the end of this transfer and we are working really hard with him!

We had a super cool experience with Adriana this week.  She is actually a reference from Sergio.  He told us that he had this friend at work that was going through a tough time and that he told her that we would be coming by.  We got to her house and just started talking and getting to know her, and she just started opening right up. Her husband just recently ran off with another girl and left her to take care of the kids, so we was wondering what she did to deserve it.  We decided to start the lesson there with a hymn.  We sung I need the every hour, and by the end of the opening song she was already in tears! We then taught her all about faith in jesus christ, repentence, and baptism.  And we did a great job of teaching together.  It has been a little hard teaching in a trio, but we were all on the same page and following the guide of the spirit.  And then the coolest thing happened...and the height of the spirit in the lesson, when we were talking about baptism...A dove flew in through the window into the house...No joke a real life dove! We had the spirit there in the form of a dove haha!! And it stayed until the lesson was over and then flew out.  I don't think the spirit gets any stronger than that.  We were able to committ her to baptism and now we are just waiting on a date!

hope that all of you have been great! 

Elder Jacobsen

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