Friday, December 12, 2014


Los Cerros

So I have learned a little bit more about our area now.  We are about fifteen minutes from the heart of monterrey, but you would have no idea from where we live.  Our area is mosty Cerros (hills). Well they call them hills, but they are really mountains. And everyone that lives there is super dupe poor. I also found out that we live in the most dangerous part of the city ha.  The two main hills in our area are the homes of two rival gangs.  The locals all say that it gets dangerous up there, and that we should avoid it, but thats most of our area, and where our two investigators live ha.  So we have been listing closely to the spirit to tell us when we should leave, and when we go all we take are books of mormon.  We leave all our money and bags at the house.  And did I mention that it is hot? It got up over 110 this week and very humid.  We are dripping sweat all day long.  It's fun to finally get into a house teach a lesson and then when we leave the dirt floor has turned to mud from our sweat haha.  But I enjoy the heat. And we don't let it keep us from working our hardest.
We have a couple of progressing investigators now.  Pedro is really good, he just has to work all the time.  He works in the Costco parking lot moving shopping carts, and his family has nothing.  But we found a way through the ward that we could take his family food.  So we went up there the other day to drop off the food and the wife was really excited to see us.  She hadn't been apart of the lessons we had taught pedro, because she's catholic, but she was happy to see us.  We asked her what was up and she said that she started reading the book that we left pedro.  And that she new that it was a true book!! We were so happy because now we will start teaching her too.  the only problem with them is that they aren't married.  It seems like basically everyone here isn't married ha.  But we will work through that with them and hopefully get them to church this week! 
We had a funny experience with our investigator Antonio.  We gave him the first lesson in his front yard and told him that we would like to end with a prayer.  My comp
asked him if he would say it and he agreed to.  But we got down on our knees and he didn't say anything.  We both thought that he was just praying in his head, so we started to say our own prayers in our heads to help him feel the spirit.  After about five minutes we kind of mad eye contact, and we said, Is that how you guys pray? Me and my comp both just started laughing. I guess he thought that we were going to say it and we thought he was.  It was an awkward five minutes haha, but we ended it with a real prayer after that!
Also we had a great lesson with the second counselor of our ward this week.  We have been struggling to find investigators so we decided to find a way to use the ward more.  We scheduled a lesson with Him his wife and their 2 year old where we would just teach them a good lesson and then ask for referals.  We got the idea from one of the District training dvds.  And it was awesome.  We taught about joseph smith and how much our lives have been blessed because of his faith and the restoration of the gospel.  Then we had them share their experiences with faith and with blessings.  The spirit was really strong in their home and it was the right time to ask them.  So we asked who they knew that needed these blessings.  They said that they were the only members in their families.  So we scheduled a family home evening with the rest of their family for next week! They said that there would be around 6-8 members of their family there! We are really excited to teach them and and have the 2nd counselor help us help them feel the spirit.
I am really enjoying serving the lord.  It has been a lot of hard work, but when you realize your success there isn't a more rewarding feeling.  I hope that you are all doing well and looking for missionary opportunities in your lives!
con amor,
Elder Jacobsen
I am loving the food!!

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