Friday, December 12, 2014


Hola hola hola!
Sorry againg for not writing on monday this week.  The zone leaders called on sunday night and said that we were doing an activity and that we would have to change pday to today. We went to grutas de garcia.  They were caverns up in the mountain.  It was pretty cool, and i'm going to attatch some pictures of it!

It's been a good hard week of work down here in monterrey.  We focused really hard on setting goals this week and planning.  And it really helped! We were able to meet all of the mission goals except for one...the baptism...we are still looking for that first one, but it will be coming here soon.  We have a great family right now that is so close to being baptized.  I don't know if I have written about them before, but The dad is Antonio, and then there is Veronica, Mark (13) Brandon (10) and Tonio (6).  We have been teaching them for a while and they have followed most of the committments.  The 2 big things for them are not working in the markets on sunday, and they have to get married ha.  But they came to the ward activity friday, and they loved it! So we went by yesterday, and they said that they are for sure coming to church this week! We taught them a lesson on temples and eternal families, and they really loved it.  We challenged them to set a goal for marriage for september 26, and I'm pretty sure that they are going to do it!! They are an awesome family, and one that I have come to care for a ton.

We got to teach a lesson in English this week too! It's a kid named gerald he is 14 and his family just moved from texas.  So he speaks spanish and then english with a really strong texas accent.  We asked him what he wanted us to teach in, and he said english.  It was so much fun! I felt like my vocabulary was multiplied by 1000xs.  I forgot how much easier it is to explain stuff in english ha.  But the lesson went really well too.  We left him the challenge to read and pray and we went back the next time and he had, but he said that he didn't have an answer yet.  We promised him that If he keeps it up he will get an answer.  And he said that when he gets one he will be baptized!

Okay so attatched is a picture of Moroni.  He is an extremely goofy member in our ward.  We got and visit him about twice a week and have found out that he is a dreamer...litterally...he has dreams like every night.  They are super weird and he says that they all symbolize numbers. For example he dreamt of bread, which means jesus, which means the number 33.  And then guess what he does with the number...takes it and buys lottery tickets haha.  We have been working with him to stop, he just doesn't believe that its bad yet, but we will get him.  The last time we went to his house there was this shirtless guy walking around.  We figured that it was a guy doing constuction or something, but then he started putting away moroni's clothes, and doing the dishes.  So it turns out that he got himself a male maid hahah!  When I put it all together I burst out laughing in his house.  I couldn't help it.  Then we got the perfect timed picture after we had him play a hymn for us on his keyboard :) I think you can see the joy on my face haha.

Well thats all I got this week. Of course there is more, but I can't write it.  Hope you all are great!! 

Con amor,
Elder Jacobsen

oh and Go Utes!!!

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