Friday, December 12, 2014


I have family again!
Hola hola hola!
I'm glad that your forgetfulness only lasted one week ;) I got on the email today and there was all of yours waiting as well as one from google saying that the email shut down last week. So all is well ha! 

This week has been a little bit rough.  My companion and I have both been walking around with "la gripa" Mexican for any type of sickness haha.  Which means that all the hermanas in the ward try to feed you their own secret remedies.  So basically we have eaten even more chili and lime this week than usual.  

We had one good investigator last week that we were able to commit to baptism and to come with us to conference, but we went by her house every day during the weekend and she was never there. We weren't sure what was going on, because she seemed really excited about conference and was reading the book of mormon and everything.  Finally we got a hold of one of her neighbors and they told us that she moved ha, just packed up and left without telling anyone.  So needless to say we had to drop her.  We do have a pretty good prospect with a man named Eduardo.  He is the dad in a family where everyone else is members, but he had never read the book of mormon or anything.  We got a chance to talk with him and leave him a book of mormon to read, and we went back the next time and he had read and prayed and said that it was clearly true ha.  So we asked him to be baptized and he said he just didn't feel it yet.  We asked if he had prayed about it and he said no, so we were like well there is your answer! you need to pray about it, and the answer will come just like the book of mormon! So we are just praying that he will receive his answer.  The other problem is that his family is all super negative with him.  Whenever we are in a lesson they say stuff like, "he will never change" or "he can't make it as a member" not sure why they do stuff like that, but I have been close to losing my temper a couple times ha.  

We are hard at work here, but so is the adversary.  We all need to lace up and get in the game.  Conference was such a good oportunity to check our personal progress and then improve! Hope all is well with everyone!

Elder Jacobsen

the sweaty pic is after our basketball game with the bishop after ward council ha.  And then one is of me and mauricio and the playera he gave me haha  

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