Friday, December 12, 2014


La Iglesia
Hola hola hola!

Another week down here in Monterrey.  Actually I just finished my first transfer in Mexico! The time really is flying.  A lot faster here than the Mtc haha.  First off is there some sort of war going on with the US or something? Because everyone here is telling us that it is the start of world war 3 ha.  I'm not sure how accurate the mexican news is, if it is like everything else here than there is probably no truth to it ha.

We had a pretty good week with people at church!  We have been working really hard with the less actives in the word this week.  Because it is one of the mission goals to have at least 15 lessons with both less actives and actives.  We decided to issue a challenge to the less actives that we visit frequently.  We asked them to start reading the book of mormon from the begining and read at least a chapter every day.  Some of them have really done a great job, and the ones who did came to church.  We had four of them that came that hadn't been in like 6 months!  That was good to see them there feeling the spirit again.  It is amazing the power that the book of mormon has.  We went into one house that had been keeping our commitment, and I could feel a change in the spirit of their house just because they had been reading the book of mormon.  I have been promising people like Dad always did to me, "If you read the book of mormon everyday you will never doubt your faith."  It is so true.  The spirit and testimony that come from reading the book of mormon and the other scriptures can't be matched.

We also had Antonio at church.  He came with his youngest son and said that his wife and two other kids went to the market to sell.  So it was kind of bitter sweet ha.  But the little one loved the primary! He got treats and got to draw a picture, so I know that he will tell his brothers that it was fun.  We took antonio to priesthood with us, and the lesson was... alright ha.  They spent the whole hour talking about a new plan to pass the sacrament.  one where the deacon (yes one) hands it off at the end of the row instead of passing to each person individually.  They thought that it was some new idea haha.  They also talked a lot about a seating arrangement that would make it easier for the moms who had little kids to take them out to the bathroom.  So I'm not quite sure what antonio got out of it, but I hope he felt the spirit!

We are still out here working hard to bring salvation to the people of monterrey! Love and miss you all!

con amor,

Elder Jacobsen

A couple pictures for your enjoyment.  I would love to get some in return sometime!  The baseball game takes place here every sunday.  It is quite the show hahaha

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