Friday, December 12, 2014


A Utah Man Am I

Hola todas!
Another week down haha.  I have loved hearing from everyone! Aunt Jill thanks so much for the cookies, they were delicious! I'm glad you guys all had so much fun in Hawaii.  I'm jealous you guys got try surf and play at the beach so much!  Luke way to get out there in the water with all the sharks haha.. i'm proud of you buddy! And still have to prove yourself to me when i get back home ;) Sorry about the tournament Eden. Anyways I hope you have been getting all my letters.  sorry for not always answering the questions you ask, I'll try better from now on ha.
So interesting story from this week.. We had our first tuesday night devotional..sounds great right?  The only problem with it for a person like me was that it was going to be in the Marriott Center haha.  I wasnt quite sure what my reaction would be to my first time in a byu stadium.  We got there and I just had to keep my eyes on the Apostle, and not on the logos everywhere haha.  There was a great talk given by Elder Gay of the seventy.  He said that as we follow the promptings of the spirit, no matter how strange they seem, we will continue to receive more and more! I loved that advice, but as the meeting was ending  I noticed a change in my physical well being haha.  I knew that we would have to hurry back to the residence, but I had to conduct our district meeting before that. soo I conducted the meeting, sweating and with a headache the whole time.  We then ran back to the residence and i threw off my suit, went straight into the bathroom, and threw up like never before ha.  This was the beginning of a very long night.  Seven more trips just like the first, a pounding headache, and two hours of sleep.  There was a few elders (like 30 ha) that had the same thing, and they all thought it was food poisoning.  I however am fairly confident that it was just my body's reaction to its first time in the Marriott Center hahaha...A Utah Man Am I
And how about the World Wide Broadcast!! that was so awesome! A couple kids from my district decided to sing in the choir anyway, and they all got on tv. My comp and I just had to enjoy it from the stands.  I've got some pics that i am going to try to send.  But there were so many inspired messages.  The spirit testified so strongly that the church is led by divine revelation.  The updates in missionary work are just going to bring more and more people to salvation.  One of my favorite parts was when Elder Anderson said that, "missionary work begins on your knees." This is so true.  I kneel down at night and try to pray like Enos or Nephi, and before i know it 25 minutes have passed! We really can talk directly to our heavenly father!!
I have also been reading Jesus The Christ recently, what a great and inspired book! I read where Jesus was tempted by satan to use his own power to make himself bread and break his fast.  It then says, "Jesus received his power not to please himself, but to serve and save mankind."  what an awesome statement! And we can apply it to all of our lives. As a missionary i have a calling and the power of the priesthood not to please myself, but to save and serve others!
I love you all, and miss you.
Mom or dad please make sure  you forward this to those that want it ha, if anyone does.  I'll try to send some pictures now
Elder Jacobsen
p.s. I have less than a month till Mexico!!

Most of these are at the broadcast.  I tried to take a picture of the huge line of missionaries haha.

our zone leader elder bagshaw left today

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