Friday, December 12, 2014


Running On A Treadmill

Thank you all so much for the packages and letters! They all mean so much and brighten my day every time i get them.  The hawaii package was awesome and smelled great ha, and Aunt Jill your cookies were delicious! I had a little bit of trouble getting luke's message out of the bottle ha, but the message was worth the work :) I also have to confess that I am a big fan of the picture pack mom, it was awesome! I hope that i have been responding well to all of your letters ha, I try to answer all you questions but i get mixed up sometimes.
Soo what happened this week?? Well i guess I can start by telling you about our very...different fireside haha.  It was with Janice Kapp Perry (i'm sure people know who that is, but i didnt, she wrote primary songs) and her husband.  She started off by telling us about the first time she met her husband. she said she was warming up with her clarinet and her husband walked up and said, "those lips look good for something else." Everyone started laughing, but it gets even better...after she said that her husband stood up and walked up to her at the microphone....and planted one on her for a good 10 seconds!!! Everyone started cheering and most of us gave him a standing ovation hahaha.  After he was done he walked off with one fist held high like he had just broken the color barrier at the olympics haha.  It was sooo funny!! And then after that the meeting sort of settled down, she had the whole mtc sing a melody of all her primary songs, like I Love to See the Temple and We'll Bring the World His Truth. It was really awesome! I had such a strong witness of the spirit.  I forgot how much fun the primary songs are, probably because i was never willing to sing them while i was there ha.  So Luke and all the little ones, make sure you enjoy the primary experience while you can!
This week we got two new mtc investigators ha.  I'm trying my hardest to make myself believe that they are real, and during the lessons they seem real, but its hard to not laugh about it after. Because the investigators are really our language and gospel teachers.  One of them this week is Vicente. I love teaching Vicente ha.  We had a lesson with him on saturday where we just had all the answers to his questions! We invited him to come to church, but he said that he had to go to a fiesta (he has a lot of fiestas ha) so then i asked him if he would like to come to an activity on wednesday and he said he would.  He asked what it was and without thinking I said, "noche de hogar" which is family night.  So we have our investigator coming to a family night on wednesday and i told him that we would call and text him to remind him to read and pray.  I don't know if i'll have those abilities in mexico, but it seemed right for the moment ha. And our teacher said that it was fine. I also shared with him the story of Ammon and the king and how he had the same desires as the king.  That was a really cool moment because i didnt know exactly where it was in spanish but the spirit helped me find it!!
Elder Berrett and I also had a really cool experience in an interview with our teacher hermano Rouse.  He was asking us how we thought our teaching was coming and I told him that i wasnt sure because the stuff i was saying in my lessons didnt make sense to me after ha.  He got a smile on his face and said that if the words i was saying werent mine, then they had to be the spirit's! That made me feel really good to know that the spirit has already been helping me with my teaching.  Its crazy how much more spanish i know during our lessons than i do during the day ha.
Well time here at the MTC is good.  I feel like i'm running on a treadmill though ha.  I know that i'm getting exercise and that i'm working for something, but i really just want to get on a real road and see how far i can go! Today is the halfway point here and i couldnt be more excited about that ha.
I love and miss you all! Keep sending me stuff!
Elder Jacobsen

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