Friday, January 2, 2015


The Tide is Rolling

on the bridge
Hola hola hola!!

Hope that the week at home was as good of a week as we had here.
Things are picking up big time in Elizondo, and I can only think to
thank the lord more and more for what we are seeing.  I am amazed
every day as the lord puts people in our path and gives us the words
to say so that they can feel his spirit.  This is really going to be a
great change because we set it up so well with all we did last change.
 I thought that last week in church went well, but we had 6 people in
church this week, 5 of them with dates for baptism! We are going to
have a double baptism on sunday, and I can't describe how happy I am.

Our first person that is getting baptized is the taxi driver Amauri.
Ever since the day we met him he has done everything that the lord and
the scriptures ask, and he has the funniest personality.  He reminds
me a lot of Dave Walk ha.  He walks into every room like he owns the
place, but with a huge smile and is always joking with everyone.  He
is now working honestly with the people that get in his taxi, and he
has stopped smoking.  This week he told us that he just cant wait for
 that holy spirit because then he will get to the real learning.  Man i

love him.

Second this week we have Juani.  She is also a contact that we made,
but the lord led us straight to her.  We were walking down the a busy
street when I felt the strongest impression of my entire life to turn
to the right and go knock on a door.  We turned down the street and
passed about three houses until the spirit said that it was the right
one.  I am still amazed at how clear the lord spoke to me in that
moment, it was like a magnetic pull to her front door.  She has been
100% in since that first meeting.  She loves learning about the gospel
and is devouring the book of mormon.  We went to her house to help her
do tamales so that she could come to church on sunday, but we got
there and she said, "no elders, I didn't get to read last night, so we
are going to do it now." I don't know how she got everything finished
by sunday, but she was there at church early and ready to go.
with Jauni

We have three more on date for the next two weeks, and we are still
looking for more to complete the goals that have been put.  But the
lord's hand is clearer and clearer every week that I am out here, and
I can't say it enough.  Hope all is well!


Elder Jacobsen

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