Saturday, January 10, 2015


New Fam!!!
Hola hola hola!!

We are coming to the end of a cold week here in monterrey...we had a
couple of days in the 40s with rain.  It was pretty miserable.  But
just like always the sun has come out again and we are in the 80s
today...monterrey haha.  So yes the weather is all over the place but
we are happy and healthy.

We found a family of seven this week!!  The mom is a member super
menos activo and her name is Lucero. Her husband and kids arent
members and they are Nestor Wendy David Esau Beatriz and Brittany.
Wendy and david are old enough to be baptized and they love the
gospel! They only problem with them is that the mom and dad aren't
married and they aren't divorced from their old spouses, so it is
going to be some serious work to get him in the water, but for right
now the kids are on date for the 30th!

Ivan has dropped off the mapa  little bit this week, he has been
working a ton and didn't come to church.  i hope that we find him this

thnaks for all the love in the packages!! I continue to be the most
loved missionary in monterrey! Love you guys!

Elder Jacobsen

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