Friday, January 2, 2015


11 Months!!

Hola hola hola!!

Yep another month has gone down.  Holy cow it moves faster and faster
every single time.  We are also ending the change today.  It has been
a good first change here with my hijo.  We have been able to get a lot
done, and we have even more planned for this upcoming change.  It has
been a busy week.  The heat has picked up, and the humidity which
makes for enjoyable afternoons walking and sweating ha.  It was a lot
of fun to talk to the fam yesterday.  I apologize that I am not more
exciting to talk to ha.  And it hit me after I hung up that I never
even said Happy Mothers Day...ya I'm a horrible person.  But happy
mothers day mom!!

carne asada
This has been a really rewarding week.  The Lord continues to bless us
so much that it is hard to put it into words.  We had five people in
church this week, with four of them that have dates for this change.
The mission has really been pushing the goal to baptize every week,
and it looks like my little hijo and I are going to be able to do It!!
 The ward is doing a nice job of helping us out and all of the
investigators had rides to and from church, but more importantly the
investigators are feeling the spirit and loving the doctrine.  There
really is a big difference between someone who has been prepared by
the lord to listen to us, and someone that we have to force.  I used
to think that missionary work was finding people that believed in
stuff completely different and them helping them to change 100%.  I
have learned that the best way to do misisonary work is just to get
out of the way.  That the lord prepares the people and the spirit
finds and teaches them.  We just have to be worthy vessles of that
same spirit and we can work miracles.

the zone
Studying this week has been a lot about prayer.  I have been helping
Elder solá to improve his prayers (as a missionary I told him that 30
second ones don't count ha). But I have learned a lot more than I have
taught.  In preach my gospel there is a secction about pray with fait,
and there is a part that says prayers require effort, concentration,
and emotion.  I have been reminded one time more that my favorite part
of the day is getting to pray at the end.  To express everything I
have to heavenly father and plead with him that he will let us be
guided by the spirit.  I know that he listens and that he cares.  He
is working harder than we are.

Elder Jacobsen

weird things we see daily

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