Saturday, January 10, 2015


Return of the Frio!!
Hola hola hola!!!

Well its cold!!! Yep the frio has come on with a vengence this year.
And this time I dont have the advantage of being in the offices at
night.  We are hanging in there though, and echandole muchas ganas ha.
We have had a good week as we have continued to work and be obedient

The EscareƱo family is fire right now.  They are fightning about who
is more like nefi and who can be more obedient ha.  I love watching
how the book of mormon changes lives of families.  And Ilove to
testify about how we read it every day as a family and were able to
see the blessings.

I had a cool contact in a taxi this week.  We got in the car and I
noticed that he had installed a tv screen on his dashboard (only in
mexico....or the jacobsens black burb ha)  And I asked him if we could
put on a movie.  So pulled out the restoration and started playing it.
The guy was really touched and was able to get us safely to our
destination as well ha.  When we got out he didn't chard us, he said
that we had done enough with the dvd. So ya I accidently payed for a
taxiwith church material haha

All is well, all is well. Love you guys!

Elder Jacobsen

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