Friday, January 2, 2015


Wow... It keeps going.

Hola hola hola!

I can only start this email thanking the Lord for all that he has
given us here in this area, I cannot believe the success that we are
seeing and the way I feel towards the people we are teaching.  We have
so many people to teach that are preparing for baptism, that we hardly
have time to has been a little bit stressful, but in a good
way :)  We have also got the ward pretty excited, I don't think that
they have seen this many people in a long time, and they are starting
to get the pilas going and help out.  Most of our investigators are
still contacts, but the members are starting to acompany us to visits
and showing up to the  baptisms.

This week we had the baptism of Miguel Angel.  He might just be the
weirdest person on the`ll be able to see in the pictures I
send ha, but he has a growing testimony.  We found him trying to find
our way around the guard of a gated community.  He was walking towards
the gate so we ran up and talked to him. He said that he had been
waiting and praying for a way to change his life and become a member
of a weird that he ran into us right?  Since that day he
has been working hard to overcome his nervousness and get baptized ha.
Like he just gets super nervous around people, the first week at
church he just about jumped out of his chair and screemed when they
announced his name in sacarament.  I honestly thought that he was
going to go down splashing in the water for his baptism ha...but it
only took the hermano 2 times this week :)  We were supposed to have
another baptism this week, but she got sick and was in bed all Adriana will be for this sunday that is coming!  Oh and also
Daniel, who is another contact that the lord has been preparing.

But big news this week...we found a family!!! Yep a mom dad and three
kids that have been prepared by the lord.  We had a great first lesson
with them where they explained how this last year has really hit them
hard, and that they are ready for a change.  We knew that the Lord had
sent us there.  Angel and his two daugters Valeria and Jimena came to
church and they stayed all the way until the baptism of Miguel! They
are super excited and have a date for the 29th of june!  We have been
praying and studying real hard for them, that the spirit will be with
us in the lessons and that they can feel it.  I have a feeling that
this family is ready for the gospel!

this week we had the confirmation of amauri as well..and we didn't
have to wake him up haha...and he is doing well as are juan juani and
samuel! Wow just too many blessings to count.  And I don't know if I
told you guys, but Roberto from Independecia, his dad got baptized
this week, and they are waiting for the temple in 1 year!!
Pics. check out these model shots ha. And the baptism of roberto!
Elder Jacobsen

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