Saturday, January 10, 2015


Winding Down... and Starting Up
Hola hola hola!!

Well the weather has changed here ha.  This week we had 6 days
straight of pure rain and everything is super wet!  I remember last
year at this time it was the same thing...Monterrey...the weather is
never comfortable ha. And fall is even worse, the hardest time to be a footbal season.

We had a good week this week.  We found a new family that just moved
here from another city.  They have nothing in their house but a table
and 2 chairs, but they are so ready for the gospel.  They have 3
little girls, 2 of them are above 8!  The little girls came to church
this week, but the parents had to work.  We are excpeting them for the
upcoming sunday.  We also had two random 19 year old boys that we
found living next door to the family.  They got super excited about
the church and are on date for the 28th!

So this is mine and Elder Cummings last week together, and mostlikey
my last week here in Elizondo. It is crazy how fast the time is still
flying.  I am going to be sorry to leave though, we had 6 in church
this week, and it looks like we are coming up on another great streak.
Margarito is still progressing but wont accept a date...we cut him
some slack though, because he is blind and somehow still comes to
church ha.

Life is good out here...hope all is well at home

Go Utes!

Elder Jacobsen

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