Sunday, January 4, 2015


Climbing again!

Hola hola hola!!

We had a lot better week this week.  I don't believe in bad days or
weeks as a missionary, but we were able to see more fruits this week.
We had 2 people in church, and a lot more lessons with people that
actually want to make the changes.  The heat is rough, especially when
we are having to cover an area so big walking, but we make the most of
it and the house just smells a little bit like sweat when we get home

So we are teaching a really cool lady right now named Lety.  Elder
Cummings actually met here when I was on divisions with Elder Barrera,
so it is his first investigator that he found leading out! But yes she
has some huge desires to change her life around.  She is a single
mother and you can tell that she has gotten into some rough stuff in
her life.  Her wrists have scars all over them where she has cut
herself, and she says that her parents won't talk to her anymore.
When we taught her about baptism her eyes lit up.  She just wants to
be clean so bad.  We took her to church on sunday with her little kid
and she really liked it. She was quiet the whole time, but after she
said that she felt really different and that she wanted that spirit
with her more.  We were able to promise her those blessings if she
will keep on listening and doing the things the lord asks her to.  Her
date is the 17th!

This week was fun because I got to go on divisions with Elder Barrera,
I don't know if I had told you that he is in my district, but he is!
It was fun to relive some memoreis from Indepe and learn from
eachother.  I had forgotten what it was like to have someone else lead
in teaching ha, I have been with trainees for so long now.  But we
have seen some huge improvements in the district with the areas that
are doing what we have practiced in our juntas.  And every area in the
district is going to baptize this change!  So we have the momentum
back a little and we are on the way up.

Well thats all for this week! Hope everyone is you all!

Elder Jacobsen

divisions with Barrera, and a little kid bathing haha :)

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