Saturday, January 10, 2015


14 Months!!

Hey hey hey!!

Another one has flown by, and I think that I have even less to write
this week.  I really am sorry, but I just don't know what to say
anymore.  We basically do the same thing everyday and to go through
the details me cuesta mucho trabajo ha.  But it has been a good week
and I am glad to be a missionary!

We have the Baptism of Lety this week.  She has made some huge changes
in her life, and she has been able to feel the spirit and see lots of
blessings!  She even told us that last week she was really praying for
god to give her a job so that she could get to church on sunday.  And
this week she got a job where she can work from home....all the
neighborhood men bring her the food and she cooks it for them ha, but
she said it is good money.

We had a cool experience with the Alonso fam this week.  We got to go
to the temple with them to baptisms for the dead, and they let us take
part in the Confimations.  they had 7 family names that they did the
work for!  It was an awesome experience!

The zone is super cool this change.  Elder Leishman is the other
district leader, so we have lots of fun remembering the good ol days,
and the zone is going to be extra successful!!

Say hi to Liza for me!

pics...temple with Alonso fam, the ward and alonso fam, All my comps
were at the temple today :)

Elder Jacobsen

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