Saturday, January 10, 2015


Campechanas with the Bishop

Week of Conference!!
Hola hola hola!!

Wow what a week! I hope that you guys were inspired as much this week as I was.  I love general conference!!!  Especially before it starts when it shows all the scenes of SLC...I want to cry everytime haha. But yes, my testimony was strengthened almost like never before by the messages that were given and the spirit that was felt.

We also had zone conference last was so good that it left people wanting more from the apostles haha..just kidding. It really was a lot of fun though.  WE made a powerpoint the week before with the scriptures and quotes that we were going to use, and a couple videos....who knew the slideshows in seƱor huddlestons class would eventually pay off haha.  But ya at the end of the conference we shared the story about the anti-nefi-lehis how they hid their weapons of war and were willing to die befor being disobedient. Then we had everyone write the things they were having problems with on a paper and we had a box up in front where they passed by to hide their weapons of rebellion, it was a really cool moment!

The work is good here, we have a baptism this week of another teenager..her name is yuliana and she is 14.  Her mom was baptized about a month ago, and she is now ready.  
She came to conference and loved it like we all did!

Umm...not much else going on here...thanks for the love and support!

Elder Jacobsen

campechanas with the bishop and in a taxi!

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