Friday, January 2, 2015


Pues... ya me voy

Hola Hola Hola!! replacement is here.  Yep I am officially moving out of the
offices!  It has been the fastest six months of my life...and the
best.  When President told me it was a little bit of a dagger to the
heart ha...I mean I knew that it was coming, but it is going to be
hard to leave.  We have put so much work into Indepe, I don't want to
let it go ha. I have loved it here.  I love the people, the streets,
the insults, and even the gunshots haha.  Looking back on what I have
been able to do here I am pleased with myself, and I feel like the
Lord is pleased with me as well.  I think that I will leave Indepe
better than I found it, and I am definitely leaving it better than it
found me.

And have I mentioned that we are going to end it the right way with a
baptism!?  Yep we are now on the countdown. Only 4 more days and
little Robertito is going to be baptized! It has been so fun to teach
him.  Everytime that we teach him we use or game or some sort of an
example.  The candy that you have sent me has bee really usefull mom
haha :)  And as we watch him grow and learn we can also see the rest
of his family feel the spirit as well.  We made some sweet invitations
for his baptism and they are going to give them out to all of his
family and friends, we should have a really good turnout for his
baptism!  And you guys better keep your ears open because you will
probably be able to hear me shout for joy this sunday all the way up
in utah haha.

These next two weeks I am going to be training Elder Slater in the art
of being a financial secratary.  I am nervous to leave the Lords money
in someones hands besides my own now haha.  But I am planning on
teaching him very well so that he can keep my beloved Indepe going.  I
am excited for whatever the next challenge is for me, and know that
President is inspired by the lord, if not I wouldn't have been here
the last six months.  As he told me that my replacement was coming in
he also said that he didn't want to make the change ha...that he had
never felt so comfortable with about a feel good moment
ha :) But I had a flash forward of what I will be like in 14
months....i'm going to be a wreck haha.  I love it here.

Indepe Loca Elderes, Las oficinas, Cumpleaños con Roberto y Paula!

Until next Friday...

Elder Jacobsen

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