Friday, January 2, 2015


We're halfway there... living on a pair. 

Hola hola hola!!

Well I can't really believe it.  It is already half way over.  I have
to admit, Bon Jovi was running through my head a little bit more than
he should have been this week, but who can reach a milestone like this
without belting out a few of those lyrics haha.  A lot went down this
week...I had to wash my water bottle, change my pillow case, and wash
my suit, all for the first time....too much info? sorry haha.  It was
also a big week of opposition.

We should have had two baptisms this week, but due to things out of
our control we had 0 :(  Adriana who we have been working with for a
while got sick and left to vera cruz on saturday to get operated.  We
tried to convince her to get baptized and confirmed befor she left,
but she wanted her husband to baptize her.  The problem there is that
he is a member without registros, or in other words he is not a member
at all.  He didn't want to get baptized again though, so we are trying
to search for his records with those in vera cruz.  Who knows what
will happen there.  But ya so that is what happened with adriana.
Then there is Daniel. He was already for church on Sunday when his
landlord (who is deaf) got mad at him and said that he hadn't paid the
rent.  He couldn't communicate with her, so she got more mad and
started throwing his stuff out of the room.  He then had to go take
all his savings out of the bank to pay the rent again.  By the time he
had returned the services were over and he couldn't make it.  It is
okay though, because he should be on for next week.  WE also have
Jesus who should be baptized on saturday!

The family of Angel, Laida, Valeria, Jimena and Angel are doing great.
They are very excited for their baptizm on the 29th.  We have been
having great lessons with them and the spirit is always very strong.
On sudnay after church we went to pick them up and walk to a members
house for a lesson (the lesson was going to be on keeping the sabbath
day holy).  As we were walking we passed a 711.  They wanted to go buy
slushies for everyone ha.  We tried and tried to convince them to not
go, but they thought we were just being polite. So they bought us
drinks, and we drunk them on the way to the lesson.  Then we had a
good laugh as the topic and doctrine of the lesson came out....they
are NOW ready to keep the sabbath day holy.

I have felt a little bit like Enos this week, pondering over and over
in my head the words of the scriptures.  One that has been passing a
lot is 1 nefi 4:6.  Were nefi was led by the spirit without knowing
what to do. How? I kepth thinking.  How can we have the spirit with us
but not know what is needed? Because it isn't until later in the
chapter that he receives his actually prompting to kill laban.  I came
to the conclusion that having the spirit with us isn't always
promptings. It is simply Being Prepared, Having Faith, and Keeping the
commandments. Nefi did all of these things and it put him on a
spiritual road to receive a prompting.

Love you all! THanks for the support! on a pair...of shoes ha....and with daniel

Elder Jacobsen

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