Friday, January 2, 2015


It really happened!

Hola Hola Hola!!!!

It happened. It really happened haha.  What a great week this has
been.  Sunday was Roberto's baptism!!! I will write more about it
later on.  But I have been finishing up the training of elder slater
this week here in the offices, on monday I will know my new
assignment, then on tuesday I am out of here! Not going to lie I have
felt a little like Michael Scott when he knows he is quiting, with no
work to do and just time to bug people inbetween studies haha.  There
have also been a lot of short changes this week, so I have been with
like 4 different comps in three different areas, but that is just
normal now ha.

Sooooo Sunday might have been the happiest day of my life.  We had a
packed house for sacrament meeting, with good classes and then the
preparation for the baptism.  We had a really nice program including
videos and music numbers, I am sure that Roberto won't forget it, nor
will the ward.  And President even came to support him which made it
that much better! The only part that was a little sketchy is that
Little Robertito opened his mouth under water haha. He came up gasping
for air and spitting everywhere.. He left everyone in tears of joy and
laughter haha.  Then we had him and his mom bear their testimonies at
the end of the meeting.  His moms was really powerfull.  She talked
about how the spirit she had felt in these five weeks brought back
somehting that was so familiar to her, but that she had never
experienced.  She talked about how great the book of mormon has been
for her in this short time as well.  Then Roberto took the stand, he
was able to testify of how much jesus loved him, and that he knows
that God only works on this earth through his profets, like he did in
times past, and with joseph smith, and with the ones today...he
surprised all of us with his knowledge haha..he really has been
learning so well!

After the baptism on sunday things got a little crazy, planning for
changes this week, and a bunch of Elders that had problems with their
comps or went home left us with a busy hectic week without much
success in the area, but that is all about to change for me haha!  My
last week in Independencia....I am really going to miss it...and they
are going to miss me as well...they even through me a carne asada :)

Miss and love you guys, hope all is well! Thank you for all the support!

Elder Jacobsen

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