Friday, January 2, 2015


Hijo round two.

Hola hola hola!

Well as you have probably guessed today was temple day!  And the end
of a very exciting, interesting, and work filled week. So changes last
monday kind of threw me for a loop.  I got another kid...this time an
American.  Elder Cummings from Heber City Utah ha.  It is super weird
because I haven't had an American for 9 months now, and I forgot how
normal we are.   I also am district leader here in Elizondo now, which
I love.  We have the best juntas, and my district is going to baptize
the most!  We also recieved the visit from the one and only Nathan
Hale...need I say more?  Annnnddd the best part of all....we baptized
the Family Alonso!!!

Yes the Alonso family was baptized this week.  I think I say every
week that I have never felt the spirit so strong, but this takes the
cake.  They were so ready to go on sunday that we had to keep them
from just running straight to the font.  The service was well planned
this time, and we had members help us baptize.  Elder Cummings was
also able to memorize the prayer in 2 days and baptize as well.  I
can't describe the feelings that I had as we sat there in the font and
watched one after the other go under.  This work is real, thats all I
can say.  After the baptism we had them stand up and give a testimony.
It amazes me how little we do as missionaries haha.  They all just
talked about how they had felt the spirit before but never really knew
what it was, but when we explained it to them and they understood it

was all over.  They knew it was the truth and they would do what was
necesarry to complete it.  I thank the Lord that we were prepared to
give them that answer, and that they accepted it.  And I will do
anything to be able to feel like I felt in that font again.

So with Angel and his family's baptism we end our streak :( they will
be confirmed on sunday and that will be 6 weeks straight! But its back
to the grind.  We really need to work our butts off and finds these
people that wait for us.  We need news in church and to contact
everyone we can, so we can keep completing with the mission
standard...baptize every week!  Time keeps flying...I can't believe
that another month is already over..happy 4th of july...I'm proud to
be an american haha!  And mom that suitcase was awesome!!! THe cookies
are gone already ha..and the garments were a great idea.  I also got
the shoes which are going to be a huggee help! Thanks for all the love
and support. I am still the most loved missionary. :)

oh and dad you'll like this...our district motto..."be who you are, do
what you do" throwing back to UM.  We are disciples of Jesus Christ
and we find teach and baptize!

Elder Jacobsen

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