Friday, January 2, 2015


So long my beloved sun.

Hola hola hola!!

Well today marks the end of the training of my first begotten elder
Solá.  It is amazing how fast the time is going.  We got here to this
area with out anything in the area book, but we were able to hit the
ground running and get some serious work done.  The Lord has blessed
us so much with people who wanted to listen.  And due to our diligence
in studying and working hard, and our obedience we were able to find a
whole lot of them.  Tonight they will call us for changes, and we will
see what the future holds.  We got back on track this week with two
baptisms, and one confirmation, which means we are running 4 weeks
straight confirming..wooo!!!

This week the first baptism was Jesus.  He is an older man he has 65
years and a great sense of humor...a little crude haha, but he always
has us laughing.  His wife has been a member for 20 years, but he
never wanted to accept the missionaries.  He was a big time alcoholic
(started at age 8...only in mexico) and never took things seriously.
That is until Solá and Jacobsen showed up.  We were able to have a
great lesson with him about a month ago and he accepted to start
coming to church.  He also started reading the book of mormon, and
with that he stopped drinking! His baptism was funny because he has
really bad knees so we had to sit him in a chair to be able to baptize
him, and the whole time he was making comments about how we finally
"trapped him haha".  The best part was when his wife bore her
testimony at the end and bawled the whole time.  She is the happiest
out of all of us.  Now on to the Temple!

We also baptized Daniel.  He contacted us on the street and thats how
we started teaching him.  He was also able to overcome lots of
challenges, including a deaf dueña ha.  But he showed up to his
baptism with a white shirt and tie and a smile that was from ear to
ear.  The brother that we had baptize him was not going to have
another repeat of the 5 attempts it took amauri, so he basically threw
him into the water and created a pretty good size wave that entered
the bathroom of these days we will get the baptism thing

The family Alonzo Torres is doing amazing.  They are getting baptized
this week.  The bad part is that one of us wont be here...and we won't
know till tonight ha.  But this family has a spirit in their home now.
They have been reading and praying and it shows.  We had a lesson last
night where I thought that my chest was going to burst with the
spirit.  WE asked Valeria how she felt and she said that it was
something differen t but good.  That she didn't want it to leave.
They are going to have this spirit with them forever now.  I am so
glad the Lord led us to their door!

Well its been a heck of a ride here in Elizondo.  We'll see what the
lord has next for me...but I am ready to go and do!

Elder Jacobsen

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