Friday, January 2, 2015


We got Amauri!

Hola hola hola!!

Hope all is well and that it is not as hot as it is here.  We are baking haha, everyday is sweat filled.  It kind of feels like the end of a vacation at the beach, when you have gotten a lot of sun for a week and every time you go outside and your skin touches sun it hurts.....ya thats life for the next 4 months!  But never the less the
Lord continues to bless us.  

We had the baptism of Amauri on sunday
(details later) and the confirmation of Juani..which we weren't able to see because of Amauri haha.  But Hna Juani is doing awesome, she showed up to church this week with her tithing envelope filled out, and ready to for the class.  She had all the scriptures marked already because she had been studying the manual!

So....the baptism of Amauri...well where do I begin?  We were waiting for him at the church when the member that was supposed to pass for him showed up and said that Amauri was still asleep.  We instantely
ran all the way to his house in suits to wake him up.  We got there and knocked and yelled for 15 minutes but there was nothing.  Then a little kid in the street said that he was in there and just couldn't hear.  So Elder Solá had to jump the fence and open the gate so that we could get closer.  We got all the way to the window which was right next to the bed and started yelling and pushing him with a pvc pipe but he still wouldn't wake up! We even tried spraying him with water, but I think he was really enjoying Lehis dream.  We then had no choice but to go in his room..i mean he could have been dead right ha?  We sat there on the bed shaking him for 15 minutes before he woke up.
Then we told him to hurry and bathe while we ironed his clothes and we made it to the church. Outside the parking lot he stopped his taxi and said that he felt nervous and he wanted to wait for the next week to
be baptized (his ex girlfriend had been trying to talk him out of it) We sat there in the car with him and read from the Book of Mormon and said a prayer. Instantly the spirit came and he said he was ready to go!  Now we get to the baptismal service.  We had invited a brother in the ward to do the ordinance since he had helped us teach him.  The only problem was that the brother had never baptized before, and was kind of old.  It took him not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 times to get him all the way under!! I was behind the font about ready to jump in in my suit to help, but it all ended well.  Amauri felt great
after, and his ex gf actually came to the baptism and now has a date to be baptized with the about a weird change of events haha.  But yes, that is the story of the baptism of amauri...not much
else to add.

The lord continues to bless us here.  We had 6 in church again, and we
have two on date for this next week. Adriana and Miguel Angel. We will
see if we can top the last baptism haha.

Love you all, thanks for all the support!

Elder Jacobsen

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