Friday, January 2, 2015


Independe never better.

Hola hola hola!! 

Hope it has been a nice 8 days...I know it always bugs you when pdays get changed around, but you just have to deal with it ha :)  Monterrrey is pretty awesome right now, like 80 degrees and it smells like orange blossoms! It reminds me a whole lot of Arizona.  A lot going on this week, I will try to fill you in on as much as possible.

First this last sunday we had 60 people in sacrament meeting!!! That is the most that I have seen in my 5 months in Indepe and pretty much in my whole mission.  It was super exciting to see the excitement in the ward on sunday and to see some of the fruits of our labors.  We also have two more missionaries in the ward now, so we are getting twice as much work done.  This week we planned an activity for the ward, because they never do anything.  But all we did was schedule a time for people to come play soccer.  And we had 30 people show up!  They all want to do it again next week as well.  I don't know if I have mentioned it, but our ward has 0 ym and 0 yw.  So we used the activity as a chance to invite ym and then this week was new beginnings for the yw, so we invited a lot to that.  And we found three new YM that aren't members and 3 new YW that all came with us to the activites! I feel a little weird looking for YW to bring to activies, but its what the Lord needs, so we do it haha.

Gloria is still doing really well.  She found a new favorite verse, 2 Nephi 2:27 She explained to us that there are always two options, to follow christ or satan, and that the path with satan always looks easier and there is less opposition, but the path of christ will bring us happiness.  She said she took the verse to mean in her life that she has to go to church no matter what, even if her husband says no!  So she is coming with us tomorrow no matter what she says, and she is fasting with us to help her husband receive his answer!! We also have an investiagator thats 9 years old...his name is Roberto.  He is on date for the 23rd of march as long as he can complete his goals which are...not talk back, and finish all his homework haha.  His family is all menos activo, but they are now coming to church with him as well! 

Yesterday we had a leadership council for all the zone leaders in the mission...which means that the secretaries are in charge of seving the food.  This time I convinced Hna Swapp to let us do burgers.  So I spent 3 hours yeterday getting the grill ready and cooking 60 hamburgers! Not going to lie I almost shed a tear haha.  But just so you know I haven't lost my touch. Many said it was the best burger they have ever had! :)

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