Friday, January 2, 2015



Hola hola hola!!

It has been a pretty good week in Mexico, a little bit cold, but a good week.  Today we are below freezing!  But then tomorrow is supposed to be like 80, thats just how it is here in Monterrey haha. Every week writing a letter is hard, I couldn't describe the experiences we are are having daily in person, let alone in an email.  But I'll keep giving it my best shot haha.

Gloria is just as good as ever. She hsa read all the way to 1 Nephi 16!  And every time we go to visit her she has a buch of questions for us about what she read.  This last time she asked us what "cautiverio or captivity" meant.  We explained it to her, and she sat there thinking for a little while.  We asked what was on her mind and she said, "I feel like I am in captivity. I want to be baptized so bad, but my husband won't let me.  I feel like I am in captivity to my sins."  She surprises us always with how well she is understanding, and how fast her testimony is growing!  We are just still struggling with her husband.  We have not been able to talk to him for two weeks because he won't see us.  Gloria even told us this week that she wished she knew about the book of mormon before she got married haha.  I am so thrilled with her progress and testimony, you can feel it growing stronger each lesson we have with her.  But she has a big decision to make, her baptism date is the 23rd, and she needs to do something about her husband.

We are also still struggling with the mom of Alessandra.  She is never at home so we can't ever talk to her.  But Alessandra is doing awesome.  She went to mutual this week, and is coming to church every week now.  She told us that she wants to be baptized because she knows it is the right path and that it will bless the rest of her family.  And she has gotten her little brother excited now as well, he is 11 and now sits in on all the lessons that we have with her.  It is awesome to see how the spirit just sucks everyone in.  Which is why it would be awesome if we could just get her Mom around during a lesson, she would be able to feel that we are teaching the truth. 

I have loved this week as I have learned more about promising people blessings, there is a whole section on it in PMG.  As missionaries we have the power and authority to promise people blessings that they need in their lives.  What an amazing experience, to listen to the spirit tell you what a person needs, and then be able to give it to them!

Super cool news...Elder Oaks is coming to the mission next week, I am super excited!!

Thank you so much for all the emails and support.  Every one of them means a lot to me.
Until next friday..

Elder Jacobsen

Temple with the Zone

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