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Hola hola hola!!

Well it´s monday again ha.  It has not been a really inventful week. The best news is that Elder Ortega and I are getting to be friends! It hasn't been super fact i have given it all the effort that I have, but we are winning!  We had 3 in church this week, and our zone right now is on top for this change!

We are preparing for our Zone conference tomorrow and I am super excited!  We get to capactitate elder ortega and I for a whole hour. Usually the ZC include practices and examples, but this time it is just going to be us and president talking.  And the theme is...Obedience!  So my studies this week have really been dedicated to that and finding out what is it that our zone needs to hear to be
obedient missionaries.  One thing that has been stuck in my mind is the instructions that we have been given to baptize every week here. There are so few companionships that do it...basically no one.  I think that means that we really haven't grasped the concept yet.  So many missionaries have an idea in their head that a baptize is a
reward for being's's part of being obedient. The lord has given us the commandment to go forth to every nation baptizing them in his name.  So if we really want to be disciples of jesus christ we have to step up, get the faith, and do it.

I have also had the opportunity to go on divisions with lots of elders these last two weeks.  I love divisions ha...except for the fact that every time anyone does divisions all the citas fall and it is the worst day for dats you still learn so much.  I have really learned to love the other missionaries as well.  There are some that are really
struggling and it is a succuss for the them to just wake up on time and get their studies done.  It makes me think about what the lord thinks of us.  He gives us so much and so often we complete with so little.  What a blessing the atonement is.  I love my savior and the knowledge of his gospel!

divisions...he dropped the campechanas!
Elder Jacobsen

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