Saturday, January 10, 2015


Bitter Sweet
Hola hola hola!!!

Well this week has been a little bitter sweet. So salvador and Sandra
were able to get married, it happened on saturday! But the stress of
the wedding and all the guests they recieved made them too tired for
their baptism on sunday.....yep., we jumped a huge hurdle with
the wedding, but the baptism we still have reach.  This week we will
be more diligent and they won't be able to slip through our fingers
again haha.

We are also teaching a joven named Ivan.  He is a 19 year old that we
found contacting references. He is already an example of faith. When
we found him he was looking for a job and was pretty desperate.  We
taught him to pray for one and he was  quickly able to find one. the
story never ends there though...this job was going to require him to
work on sundays.  We then taught him the sabbath day and that he would
need to rest on sundays.  He told us not to worry, that he was going
to change he rest day to might sound easy, but its
litterally impossible here.  His attitude of faith however was
justlike nefi.  He went and did as the lord had commanded and was able
to change the day.  He is on date for el agua the 16th of november!

Wow this week isthe end ofthechange, time flies. Love you guys and I
lovebeing a missionary

Elder Jacobsen

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