Friday, January 2, 2015


Saturday again.

Hola Hola Hola!!

Well I can't believe it is saturday again ha.  It feels like I was sitting here writing a letter yesterday.  But I have gotten used to that by now.  The time moves so fast.  I will have nine months in four days! Wow still can't believe that!  

It has been a good week, lots of work, which is the way everyone wants it right?  Our biggest priority right now is still Gloria.  We are trying to get at her husband from every angle.  We have tried reading with him, activities, calling him, just trying to be his friend, but nothing seems to work.  Gloria has kept reading and praying and even fasting with us to soften the heart of her husband, but we haven't seen it yet.  She amazes us everyweek though.  This week she told us that maybe right now isn't her time to be baptized, but if she can't do it right now she wants her sister to be able to.  So she has set up for her sister to come to church with us tomorrow and to be baptized ha!  We will see where this one goes.  It has been a little frustrating because she is so ready, but can't progress anymore without the blessing of baptism and confirmation.

Our little investigator Roberto is also well.  He came to church this week and all he wanted was to see the font.  He just kept asking me where he was going to get baptized.  When we finally showed him he got super excited and asked if it could happen that day.  We explained that it was coming soon...the 23rd! Then he got quiet for a second and said he wanted to apologize.  We were like, Why roberto?! He said that he was laughing during the prayer and felt bad about it, but he wanted to be forgiven.  I guess he is learning what we are teaching him ha! 

Thats it for this week! Hope that all is well. Love and miss you all! Talk to you next Friday!

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