Friday, January 23, 2015



Hola hola hola!!

Another change has come and gone.  Today we are getting changes in the night time and most likely Elder Wells and I will be splitting.  It is too bad, we have really gotten to be good friends and have worked our butts off. THere are not many Elders that are willing to work as hard as he is.  But change always brings more opportunities to grow and be more like the savior, so I am excited.

We had the baptism of Reyna this week!  It was a good service and she said after that she felt like crying because she was so happy.  The power of the spirit was in the service, and we have seen that it has changed her life in a very short time.  The best part is that her family still hasn't listened t us, so there are a lot more souls that could be prepared in her family....we are going to go get them :)

Josue and Keran are doing good as well...this week they should be getting married, and the baptism should be next week.  Once again the book of mormon is doing work in the conversion of a family. They have been able to relate to all the things that are said and taught.

I had a good study this week reading 2 nefi and I got stuck on one verse for about and hour.  chapter 32 verse 4. It talks about how we dont understand the things of the spirit only because we dont ask or look. If we are willing to do it, the lord will be on the other side. I know that to be true.

Thanks for the Love!


Elder Jacobsen

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