Saturday, January 10, 2015


15 Months!!!!
Hola hola hola!!

We have had another super rainy week here...everything is super wet ha.  I hope that doesn't mean that winter is going to hit us strong. Today we have changes at night, so it is going to be an interesting next week, most likely I will be heading out of Elizondo!

This week the rain scared off a lot of the members and the investigators ha.  We usually have about 110 people in sacrament, but this week it was about 60 or 70.  And our family that we are teaching had flood problems in their apartment so they couldn't come.  But they accepted a date this week, so we are excited about them. This sunday is also going to be the baptism of Ignacio!  He is a super funny guy and is all ready for his baptism!  Margarito is no longer an investigator, but he still came to church ha....he just slept the entire time though...thats why we dropped him.

So I don't know if I told you about what happened in our first lesson
with the Martinez family, but here it goes.  So I had been a little
sick the whole day, and we were heading to them as our last cita. My
stomach felt bad from the start and I knew that I was going to have to
use the bathroom. We got in their apartment and I could see that the
bathroom was part of the room haha...all that separated it was a
curtain that was blowing in the wind (from that point I knew it was
going to be bad ha) so I asked if I could use the bathroom, I got in
their and could see that their was no water in the toilet, it was one
of the ones where we have to fill up a bucket and poor it in after
(another sign it was going to be bad ha)  but I had no choice, so I
had to sit down and try to hold the curtain shut the whole time and
its a really good thing that they had a loud fan going ha.  But ya
then I went to fill up the bucket with water and what do you know the
water wouldn't go down! I tried plunging for like 10 minutes but it
didn't work, so I walked out and said I would have to try after the
lesson we had the lesson then I had to get back to the end it didn't ever flush ha...but we had to leave
because it was really late...the next lesson I was scared they would
mention it, but nothing was said haha....what a tender mercy!

other info..weighed myself this week..150 pounds whoo!! I left at 176!

Elder Jacobsen

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