Friday, January 2, 2015


Shaw, Ortega and I with the sister in Sierra Madre
Hello again trio!!

Hola hola hola!!

Well where to start.......this has basically been the longest, strangest, and most stressful week of my entire life.  Now I know that this is going to sound unbelievable, but it is all true.  This week one of the office missionaries the one that is in charge of all the visas and travel for the mission ran away.  But he didn't just ran away, he pretended to be kidnapped by a drug cartel.  He sent fake texts messages and made fake phone calls pretending to be held for ransom.  We had to spend two nights in Presidents house because of the threats that he was making.  But president and the church quickly got to the bottom of it, and the kid was found and sent home with out any more problems ha.  The only problem that he left us with other than two fear filled days is his job here in the offices and a missionary with out a companion.  So I'm back in a trio with Elder Shaw and Elder Ortega now.  And the job of exucuative secratary has fallen on mine and Shaw's shoulders.  We have been working 6-11:30 to get caught up on all the visa work.  We have spent three hours everyday this week in the mexican immigration office ha.  And we have also had two different areas to work in.  We have had to switch off everyother day what area we will be in, and we have had hardly any time to actually be in the area.  So yes I am extremely EXHAUSTED.  But no matter what satan wants to do to hault our saviors work, we will overcome.  The Lord's work moves on and always will.

In the getaway car to presidents house ha
With the little bit of time we had in the area this week we were still able to have some really great lessons.  A new investigator that we found is Cesar.  He was a referal from a family in independencia.  Our first lesson with him he told us he was athiest.  That he didn't believe in god, but that he wanted to learn more.  We gave him a really powerful lesson about gods love for us using conference addresses and videos, and we even got him to pray at the end.  Then later that week he called us and said that he believed in god, that he had received an answer to that question! We were so excited to get to the next lesson with him.  When we got there he had his laptop out on the table and the website he had opened was "Grandes errores de los mormones" I said right then that if he was just there to fight with us we were going to leave.  But he said that he had sincere desires to learn, so we proceeded with the lesson.  He had a couple simple questions abou the bible that lead perfectly into the apostasy and restoration.  We were able to teach him all about it and committed him to baptism! He is on date for the 8th with Sergio now! So the Lord has blessed us so much this week even though our time has been taken up a lot. 

I know that this email will probably bring up more questions than answers ha, but that is all that I have time to say.  But don't worry I will love to tell everyone in two years ha :) Oh and Grandma Berrett and Grammy and Gramps, thanks for the letters and packages! I have the tie on right now!

Elder Jacobsen

And staying the night in presidents guest room!

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