Saturday, January 10, 2015


16 Months!!!
Hola hola hola!!

Well another one down. As you might have guessed we went to the temple
today. I love the temple....I have come to appreciate the lords plan
so much more and feel the spirit with real power there. After the
temple we went to a museum in the cento.  Lets just say that we
entered not knowing what contemporary art was, and we left still not was a really weird experience haha.  BUt we had fun as a

So this week was fun with the baptism of yuliana, she has been so
great keeping up with her reading and prayers, and this suday was her
big day.  She had so many people at her baptism that we had to do it
in the sacrament room!  I really think that baptisms are the happiest
moments on the mission ha....the spirit is so strong and the happiness
is so great!

Elder Ortega and I are still getting along...but that is about it ha.
WE are friends, but I am just convinced that he doesn't like me ha.
BUt the lord is helping us love eachother and have success, so I can't

Hope all is well in the U!  Love you guys

well i went on divisions and found this in the elders bed haha...a car
from utah...and the baptism!
Elder Jacobsen

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