Saturday, January 10, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving!!
Hola hola hola!!

It's turkey day tomorrow!  Well not down here, we will probably stick with the rice and beans and tortillas...but it all goes to the same place, so no complaints.  We have had a full 10 days of work since the last email.  Elder Wells is a champ, he doesn't quit and together we have been able to put together the best change of our missions!

We have two baptisms this week with the Escareño Hernandez family.  We are going to baptize their two oldest kids.  Wendy is 12 and is loving YW and the book of mormon.  David is 11 and is now well known in the primary for his knowledge of the first three chapters of the book of
mormon ha.  They have been a great family to teach and I can't wait for sunday!

We had a cool experience with family history.  We contacted a lady
outside her house that wasn't really interested in anything we said,
so as a last resort I pulled out a My Family folleto.  Her face lit
up.  She started to tell us how her grandparents were from japan and
how she had a bunch of info on them but she had never written it down.
She showed up to the chapel the next day to get to work on the
computer.  We were also able to teach her the plan of salvation. She
is seeing some opposition from her husband, but nothing the spirit
can't change!

Have you heard about the "He is the Gift" stuff?  Apparently it is
supposed to be really big.  They have given us a bunch of pass along
cards and stuff to start passing out. TIme to start teaching about

Love you!

a campechana that almost killed me, and a bus of missionaries!

Elder Jacobsen

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