Friday, January 2, 2015



Hola hola hola!

Sorry I have about zero time today.  It has been a really crazy day and a really busy week.  We climbed Cerro de La Silla today, and long story short I ended up carying my dehydrated comp down the backside of a mountain for four hours.  But other than that things are normal ha.

Top of cerro de la silla
So progress on Gloria.  It has been a while since I got to write and a TON of things have happened.  I told you guys about how her kid had cancer... i think?  Well he had surgery in November to get a tumor removed and has been having routine checkups.  So they went in last week to get a test and it came back bad.  They found something like a tumor and they had to do more tests.  Gloria called us that night crying because her baby had cancer again.  But we told her everything would be okay and that we would be praying and fasting.  She called us the next day in the afternoon extremely happy.  She said that the doctor came into the room after looking over the tests with a look of shock on his face. He said that they only had God to thank for the miracle that they witnessed.  The baby had nothing.  Not cancer, not an infection, not a cough nothing, when the day before he had cancer.  It was the best news I have ever heard, and a real miracle!  She has completely bought in since that point, and the lessons with her our amazing.  She reads every night, and we end up crying in every lesson because the spirit is so strong.  She wants to be baptized the 16th and we have everything ready. She really is amazing.  But the opposition always comes.  So her husband that had come to church with us and really liked it all the sudden flipped.  He doesn't want anything to do with us, and he won't let her.  When we visit her she tells us how she tells him that she is going to go to church and to get baptized, but he tells her it will lead to problems and to separation.  It is another tough thing that we are dealing with with her, but again she is so awesome.  The spirit is sooooo strong!!!!

Gloria and the miracle baby misael!
Another one of our investigators is Alessandra, she is 14 and is a little bit harder to teach, but her aunt is a super good member and has helped us a lot.  Alesssandra wants to be baptized as well, but her mom isn't on board yet.  It would be super awesome for us because it would be our 1st young man or young women in the ward!

I don't really have time for anymore than that sorry.  I love all you guys, everything is great down here in Mexico.  And thanks for all the Christmas cards!

Elder Jacobsen

familia Gallegos

who knew it got cold? ha

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