Friday, January 2, 2015


some great scriptures in the street
Happy Thanksgiving!

Hola hola hola!!!

Well I know that it is a little late, but happy thanksgiving to everyone!!  From the pictures it looks like it was full of turkey, family, and awesome!! We actually got to eat thanksgiving with President and Sister Swapp, one of the perks of being an office elder haha! We had turkey, stuffing, the whole nine yards.  I even brought a football from the offices and threw it around for a couple minutes just to warm my heart.  But obviously the family was missing. I miss you guys, but in a good way!

Elder Ortega's birthday
We had another super busy week this week.  Monday and Tuesday were changes, so we spent both days in the offices taking care of all the new missionaries.  They arrive on monday and we teach them all they need to know about the mission.  I have my own special part that I get to give about the finances, and I have to say that I do it pretty well ha.  Then all the elders stay in our house that night.  We have a big room with a bunch of bunk beds that all the news stay in.  I told all of them before that they were going to freeze at night because we basically live in a cave ha.  They all told me that they came from utah so it would be nothing.  But...they froze ha...they tried to plug in like 6 different heaters and it blew the circuit, so we have been without power all's super cold at night without electricity ha! 

we got to decorate the tree
But then wednesday and thursday I got audited ha.   And I'm pretty sure that the LDS church is like 50x´s worse than the IRS.  Two guys came here from Mexico on wednesday and were in my office with me for 3 hours.  They went over the finances for the whole year! And then I had to have an online meeting with someone else from Mexico on Thursday for another three hours.  It was rough ha, but we got everything sorted out! 

Last night we had Elder Johnson the area president come and give a fireside....well more he just ripped apart all the members here ha.  All the leaders of all the wards in the mission as well as all the missionaries were there.  He said that the work of the lord is progressing, and that the members and the missionaries need to work together.  He said that of the 20,000 members in the mission 16,000 are menos activo! 80%  He actually said the words, "I call you to repentance" to all the wards that hadn't been having ward council or helping the missionaries.  He said that if they weren't doing those things they were being confounded by the devil! It was a super strong message and one that I hope changes things.  There is a whole lot of work to get done here, it is going to take everyone!

Thats all I got! Hope you all are doing great!!

Elder Jacobsen

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