Friday, January 2, 2015


Time Flies

Hola Hola Hola!!

Wow already two weeks down in the transfer! Have I mentioned that time moves really fast haha?  We finally got a good full week of work this week and it was awesome!  Elder Barrera and I are getting along great.  He is still getting use to the extra work load here in the offices, and I don't think that he worked as hard with his other comps.  Last night I went to brush my teeth and when I came back he had fallen asleep...and I mean a deep deep sleep, snoring and everything haha.  I decided it would be okay if I said the companionship prayer for the both of us haha.  But we have really been working our tails off this week.  Contacting, teaching, finding, walking, lots and lots of walking ha, I think I have worn him out a little, but he is adapting fast :)  There is just so much work to get done!

Investigators...I feel like everyweek I write about an awesome new person that we find and then two weeks later you don't hear about them again.  I promise that we really are caring for and teaching these people ha, but if they don't do anything to grow spiritually on their own we can't keep up with them. Estella is still with us for this week.  She has been reading the Book of Mormon a little, but has been failing a little bit this week.  The test will be if she comes to church with us.  She has felt the spirit and has asked if it is true, but she hasn't put in her part fully yet.  It is always hard to watch that, but it is happening a lot.  What can I do to better committ people? We teach ask questions and bear testimony, but people won't committ.

We have had a good week of meeting new investigators.  One is Gloria.  We met her looking for the house of a menos activo.  But the house didn't exist, so we decied to knock on the door next to it, and Gloria came out.  She let us in and we started to teach her right away about the restaration.  She opened up to us a little and told us she had been waiting for some one to come help her.  That her 1 and a half year old son just got told he had cancer and she didn't know what to do.  The spirit was super strong and we were able to teach to that need of hers.  We came back the next lesson and watched the Restaration movie.  after it was over we were asking her what she thought and how she felt and she said that in the movie she felt something really strong in her chest, that it was something special.  We knew the spirit was with us so we had her pray right then to ask if it was ture.  After her prayer she said that she had a feeling start on the top of her head and move all the way to her feet and that she knew it was something special.  We were so excited we almost were laughing ha, but we just testified that it was the spirit.  Gloria is super special...and she is married!! ha that is like a miracle down here! Keep her in your prayers!

Love you guys tons! Oh and pday will be wednesday next week...temple time!!

Elder Jacobsen 

elder peña birthday party ha.

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