Friday, January 2, 2015


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8 Months

Hola hola hola!

Another crazy week down here in Mexico.  It is the last week of the change so we have been super busy.  The bretheren keep sending missionaries to our mission, and we hardly have room to hold them ha.  We are opening 10 new areas this upcoming week, so I have been running around looking for housing and filling them with a materials.  I think it is a lot of fun, and we get to see the whole mission and stuff, but it is tiring, and stressful, and takes a lot of time.  But this week ends my third change here in the offices, and 8 months in the mission! Wow the time goes by so fast!

There are so many ups and downs here.  We have been working with Alessandra for a while now and she has been progressing so well.  She had been coming to church and everything and we were only waiting for permission from her mom so that she could fulfill her desires to be baptized.  On thursday I was on divisions in another area and Elder Barrera called me from our area saying that they finished the lesson with Alessandra for the day, and that her parents gave her permission.  I was sitting on the bus at the time, but I jumped up and yelled, I was so happy.  All of her hard work was going to pay off.  After I finished shouting for joy Elder Barrera told me that it wasn't all good news, that she was really sad and that we had to go visit her the next day.  When we went to visit her she was a completely different person.  I guess that when her parents gave her permission they also threatened her and told her that her family wouldn't support her and a whole bunch of horrible stuff.  It took all of her desire out of her, and the weeks of work she had put in was gone in one night. I have never felt so sad in a lesson. We tried everything possible to animate her and to bring the spirit, but it was as if the flame had gone out.  We are still praying for her, but she told us she wouldn't be coming to church anymore or anything.  I was heartbroken, and still am.  

Our amiga Gloria is still doing very well.  The lessons with her are still awesome and she is all the way to 1 Nefi 20!  She hasn't been to church the past two weeks because of her husband, so this week is crucial.  It is going to take all of the faith that she has to be able to do it, but I think she will be able to! We had a funny experience with her this week that ended with us breaking rules unitentianly ha. We were in a lesson when all the sudden she was like, "what time is it!?" we told her 5:30.  She jumped up and said she had to go pick up her kid from kindergarten and then just ran out the door.  Elder Barrera and I looked at eachother and then over to the corner of the room.  She had left Misael haha.  Then he saw that his mom had left so he started chasing after her, I had to run and grab him before he ran into the street.  I picked him up and walked in to the house with him in my arms out-stretched, I felt like monsters inc or something ha.  Elder Barrera and I just started cracking up. There we were sitting in an investigators house babysitting.  Gloria returned in about 2 minutes, the school was just around the corner, but it gave us quite the scare and laugh.

I will keep working hard here even though at times it feels like I will never succeed the way I want, but I guess thats just what satan wants us to think.  He tries to drag us down, but we have a savior and with him we can do all things.

Elder Jacobsen


                                                  What Mexico did to Hermana Jacobsen's letter  ha

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