Friday, January 2, 2015


Humble Pie

Hola hola hola!

It is getting hot down here, really hot ha.  And the sun has been super strong, I think that I am going to come home brown as a mexican ha.  We had a good week this week, with the baptism of Juani :), and a little bit of humbling.

First the baptism of Juani was awesom.  She has been 100% in since day one and her attitude at the baptism just capped it all off.  She is very excited to be a member and love learning about the gospel.  She also has her eyes set on getting to the temple to do the work for her dead and to learn more.  She told us this week after her baptism that she has seen miracles.  She works selling tamales and this week on saturday all of the tamales that she was going to sell got burned. Satan was definitley trying to keep her from the baptism.  She said that she got really sad on saturday night because she new that she wasn't going to be able to complete with the money for the week and that she wasn't going to be able to get baptized.  But she decided to read a couple pages from the book of morman and Nefi inspired her as he does all of us.  She put her trust in the lord and was at church and her baptism.  Then later that day someone that owed her money showed up out of no where at her house and she completed all she needed to.  The Lord is great.

Well I hope that from the past few emails you guys have been able to
tell that things have been going really well here..maybe too well ha.
I think that elder solá and I started to get a little bit too high on
ourselves and a little bit prideful.  And it wasn't a coincidence that
the week before I had been studying a talk by Pres Eyring where he
asks for the Lord to give him mountains to climb to help humble
himself and to improve.  So thats what I started to do ha...I don't
know why, but I felt like it was neccesarry.  ANd the Lord answered me
ha. We only had two in church this week when we were sure of seven,
and Amauri didn't make it to his baptism.  He got a job on the friday
right before his baptism and has been working non stop ever since.  It
was the most bizzare change of events ever.  We are still working with
him for this week, but we are going to have to find him a job.  The
rest of our investigators only had small problems, so they should all
be good to go for this next week.  I know that the lord was just
giving us a little bit of a reality check ha, to make sure we knew who
was doing the real work.  WE got a slice of humble pie, and I ordered

Hope that all is well at home. Thanks for all the support! Sorry if I
don't write enough...never been a man of many words.

Elder Jacobsen

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